DODO Crowdpool Campaign Complete

It has been a month since we launched our crowdpooling campaign on DODO (, with the goal of allowing our current and future users to buy into the future of Be One, and we are proud to announce that it has come to completion this morning. If you have invested in $BEONE in the past month and have not done so yet, make sure to claim your token directly from the DODO page. Those who missed out on the crowdpool and want to buy $BEONE will be able to do so on Uniswap from now on.

Crowdpooling Campaign Recap:

Be One launched the $BEONE Crowdpool on May 19th (yes, perfect day to launch a token!) as a fair launch, allowing current and futures users of Be One, along with our various partners to share with their user base, to by $BEONE at a fixed price of $0.50 per token for 48 hours. For a period of 30 days after that period the token was freely tradable on the DODO platform. We are very proud to see that very few hodlers sold their tokens after the initial 48 hours (we had many people buy afterwards as well), which is a testament to our amazing community and users, and their ongoing support.

This campaign has been a great experience, we are very proud of the strong partnership built with DODO, their team and the global crypto community.

Updates since our Crowdpool:

The crowdpooling campaign was Be One’s first big public offering — prior to this we had a tight beta launch with users who had been asking for a service like ours for months. We were very impressed with their feedback and suggestions, leading to a great campaign where we welcomes thousands of new users to Be One.


The crowdpool brought many new strong partnerships with known players across banking and DeFi. As such, we have added new supported tokens including $DODO (, $FARM ( and $SUSHI ( Be One users will be able to use as payment in daily life as well as collateral for crypto-to-fiat loans.

There are many other partnerships in the works, we look forward to sharing them with you soon! It has been truly humbling to see how many great companies and teams want to partner with us to bring proper banking services to the world of DeFi.

Here is an update of our list of currencies thus far:

New Be One App Status:

The Be One app has been redesigned and bolstered to welcome millions of new users this year. This include a new tech platform and custody solutions. We are in late stages of testing and should be releasing it in the coming weeks via partners first and then to the wider public.

We have been working diligently to ensure a reliable CeFi core to enable the fiat on/off ramps that are needed for builders and hodlers, with all the access to DeFi packed into one simple place, we hope you enjoy the experience! We’ve also added a few features that are industry-firsts, we think you’ll really enjoy them… Stay tuned.


The smart contracts for emerging-market stablecoins (as seen above) are underway. Soon Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, Columbia, Thailand and the Philippines will have native, bankable stablecoins so these currencies can be easily accessed in the DeFi space. We are also in discussion with several partners for lending protocols and audits, ensuring that our DeFi future is scalable and trusted by all.


Finally, we want to take this time to thank our thousands of devout followers and customers who not only bought the $BEONE token, but have been tirelessly building the DeFi ecosystem for all to enjoy. We are proud to be a part of history in the making, and can’t wait to do our part for a much larger audience soon!

Happy Hodling all, and welcome to the Be One family!

The Be One Team

The challenger bank for the global crypto community.