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Be One

Screenshot of the Be One App, with $DODO integrated as a native currency, alongside USD, EUR, ETH, BTC and others.
  • DODO

With this integration, personal and corporate Be One clients will be able to buy, exchange, hold, transfer and sell $DODO directly within the app. Instead of needing to use an exchange or another 3rd party on ramp, users will be able to exchange fiat and crypto currencies for $DODO directly in the app, to use as they please.

Video of the Be One app in action, with lovely narration.

The Be One App — Fiat and Crypto Currencies in One Account.


Be One is a registered and regulated challenger bank, with a global correspondent network so that individuals and corporate customers can bank freely. Be One’s…

Banking your Future

Today’s traditional banks are mostly bloated, inefficient and outright ignorant to the real needs of customers in the crypto industry. Crypto-based customers get charged excessive fees, receive poor service, or worse-yet, have their accounts closed with no warning simply for having “crypto” or “blockchain” in their company name. Traditional banks are fast-becoming known as ‘legacy banks’ as they turn clients away simply for taking part in the future of finance — they are showing the world how outdated they really are. Banking must evolve — This is where Be One comes in.

Be One is the challenger bank for the global crypto community

If you’ve been turned away from traditional, legacy…

Be One

The challenger bank for the global crypto community.

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